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Why I Love Burgundy – Reason# 6

Because it is within the realm of possibility that one Friday night when the weather has turned cold your friends will call you up to invite you for an impromptu boeuf bourgignon, because it turns out they have – distracted by children – mistakenly poured in a whole bottle of 1991 Vougeot when making the sauce.

I have never before tasted a boeuf bourgignon that even comes close. It’s true what all the Burgundian grandmothers have always said: the quality of the wine in a sauce does make all the difference.

Of course we also drank the Savigny that had originally been intended for the sauce, and it wasn’t half bad either.

Why I Love Burgundy – Reason #5

Why I Love Burgundy – Reason #5 : Because when you decide it’s time for a short break and a little change of scenery, you can flit over to Switzerland.

And discover the beautiful Lavaux wine region on the banks of Lake Geneva.

And take the train to Gstaad.

And admire the beautiful old wooden chalets.

Another Authentic France Travel Trip coming tommorrow, just like every Tuesday, but more Switzerland photos coming on Wednesday…

Why I Love Burgundy – Reason #4

Why I Love Burgundy – Reason #4 : The Grape Harvest, known as “les vendanges

On my way home from picking the girls up from school yesterday I drove home through the exquisite village of PernandVergelesses and this is what I saw on the side of the road.

How can I not love the woven straw baskets full of just-picked luscious grapes, or the tired but exuberant pickers who joke with me as I snap my photos?

And how can I not love the trucks and tractors, decorated with crazy signs and grape vines and blown up plastic gloves that drive through the villages honking and singing to celebrate having all there grapes picked and safely stored in the cuverie?

Burgundy is all about les vendanges; les vendanges is all about Burgundy.

That’s why during these very special two weeks every year there is nowhere else I’d rather be.

Why I Love Burgundy – Reason #3

Why I Love Burgundy – Reason #3: Because lingering, leisurely, delicious Sunday lunches are practically and institution.

We were welcomed back to Burgundy in this delicious, unbelievably enjoyable, and oh-so-Burgundian-way by our friends Isabelle and Martial, and were also joined in the dappled sunlight of their garden by Charlotte, Marco, and their brood.

It was the perfect chance for the adults to catch up on their respective summer adventures, for the kids to play, and for the babies to look cute and take it all in.

This particular “lunch” went until about 6:00pm at which time Franck and I and our bevy had to leave to go to a family reunion (and another meal), but they usually never end until well into the evening. They are truly one of my favorite things about living here although they do come behind, of course, our Burgundian friends.

Why I Love Burgundy – Reason #2

Why I Love Burgundy – Reason #2: Because where else will your Stonemason give you the (much appreciated) gift of a chicken?

Not only do your stone masons work like Trojans if you keep funneling them good wine at intervals throughout the day, but if they really like you they might even give you a chicken.

Franck and I were the joyous recipients of a 2.2 kilo poulet that just the day before had been clucking around the yard at mason Max’s house.

Franck roasted it with lemon, olive oil, and herbs de provence and we feasted on it yesterday for lunch with my sister Suzanne, my brother-in-law Greg, and their children Rowan and Manon who are staying at La Maison des Deux Clochers for the next two weeks. If you look really hard at the above photo you can see the chicken on our plates, but it didn’t last long there. It was truly delicieux.

Merci Max!

Why I Love Burgundy – Reason #1

I have decided to begin a new series of posts called “Why I Love Burgundy”.

Here’s my first outing;

Why I Love Burgundy – Reason #1: When you invite friends to a BBQ, they will sometimes bring along a 14 year old bottle of Grand Cru, Clos de la Roche for you.

P.S. And oui those are our hideous brown-stained shutters behind the bottle that will soon be painted Indian blue, a change which I’m quite certain will transform my existence.