Monthly Archives: August 2007

Back to Burgundy! (After a marriage, a mink, and much more…)

So we’re finally settling back to life in Burgundy after a month in the wilds of Canada. I had thought I would post while I was in the Great White North, but to be honest I was just far too happy to be on a vacation and enjoying my family and friends and the beautiful scenery of the Pacific Northwest. Burgundy, although dear to my heart, was far from my mind. Besides, I really feel the need to “unplug” every once in a while, and it means I’m coming back all refreshed and motivated.

So, to resume, my little sister Jayne got married to my now official Brother-in-Law Mark (who is half Quebecois – Franck is very excited now not to be the only frenchie in the family). She looked beyond gorgeous…

Charlotte, Camille, and their cousin Manon were the flower girls and were of course thrilled beyond belief to be kitted out in princess dresses. Rowan, the only grandson in the family (so far) was the ring bearer in a smart little suit.

My sister Suzanne and I feared for the worst during the rehearsal where there was a good deal of nose picking, strange goose-step walks down the aisle, and mock throwing of bouquets. However, that night I dispensed the no-nose picking lecture and the actual wedding day all the kidlets performed like stars. Suzanne and I also got gussied up as well, which was fun.

Otherwise we spent a lot of time at the family home on Shawnigan Lake, where it was a very exciting summer. Not only did Rowan catch the “King Bass” of the Lake off the wharf, but the kids also managed to catch the nasty mink that had been poo-ing in the power boat on the sly.

No this wasn’t just any mink. This was a clever mink. My Dad had bought a shiny metal trap especially for him, and instructed Franck and I how to put sardines in it every night to tempt him. Invariably every morning we would wander down to the wharf and find the sardines gone, mink poo in their place, and the trap empty. Yes, he was a mink with a very honed sense of wit & irony, to be sure.

The cousins were very into fishing this summer, and we had set up a big blue tupperware container on the wharf where they could put and admire their catch until they were released again. One day as the fishing rods were out and the blue container was full of sunfish, low and behold the mink slithered up on to the wharf and leaped into the bucket. We all screamed, “The mink! The mink!!!! The mink is in the bucket!!!!! so loudly that even that boldest of creatures lost his nerve and dove back down in to the lake.

We thought we’d lost our chance, but the mink was so enticed by the children’s fish that he reappeared and jumped back into the bucket about five minutes later, and this time we did a considerably less amount of flapping and shouting and slammed the buckets container over the mink and the fish. This was all so thrilling and adrenaline inducing that of course none of us got any pictures of the actual mink-trapping event.

Well, if you can just imagine the excitement! The joy! We bungee corded the beezejus out of the container as the mink seemed determined to gnaw his way out,and the three Bradbury brother-in-laws drove him out to the Kokisalah River where we all hope he will find a slinky mink-ette and, more importantly, somewhere else to poo.

So there are the highlights, but other than that there was a lot of laughs, water skiing, tubing, and of course eating smoked salmon.

All in all a wonderful, memorable summer was had by the whole Bradbury clan. And to put the cherry on the top, when we dragged ourselves in the door of our house in Villers-la-Faye after twenty-four hours worth of traveling and scanned through the mail we couldn’t believe our eyes. The planning permission for our new french door had actually managed to get through the rusty wheels and hinges of French administration. We can now go ahead with the renos at La Maison des Chaumes. A Miracle! Let the chaos begin…