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Picking Up His Baby (LaCanche)

For all of you who also dream of one day owning a Lacanche or similarly gorgeous range (called “pianos” by the French – the first time a neighbour told me all her new kitchen needed was a “piano” I thought she meant a Steinway, which I thought was rather odd for a tiny 17th century kitchen) you will enjoy this article about one man traveling to the Cote D’Or to pick up his baby.

By the way, this is the hand pigmented cement tile I am envisioning in my dream kitchen with my delft blue Lacanche.

Or this;

Can you just picture either of these with white cabinets, an apron style sink, and reclaimed wide plank fir floors?   Oh yeah, and this final little detail…

LaCanche Mon Amour

So this week I had to immerse myself in the murky world of appliance shopping for our new house. This has necessiated getting my head around objectionable terms like “duel fuel”, “speed oven”, and “turbo filter.”

If only I could win the lottery, life (and appliance shopping) would be so much simpler.  I would be buying this Burgundian-made gas range from my very own Cote D’Or with absolutely no regrets.  And I’m asking you, why don’t they make gas ranges in this lovely delft blue colour for under $10,000???

To drool some more, just visit LaCanche’s lovely North American website .  


Bienvenue Les Amis

Here is the future bedroom for all our French friends and family to stay in when they come and visit. Okay, okay, maybe not quite enticing enough to book your tickets yet, but just wait – in a few months there will be a floor! And drywall!  And windows!  And maybe even a ceiling!

We may go nuts and put a bed in here too.


This summer while we were in France one of our projects was to repaint our shutters at La Maison des Deux Clochers.

When we repainted them the first time after buying the house in 1998 the mode in Burgundian villages was to stain shutters a hideous dark brown colour.

I stomped in like the oblivious foreigner that I was and repainted ours what I thought was a stunning shade of periwinkle. 

The villagers were shocked and horrified.  Franck’s grandmother Meme consoled me by saying that dans le temps shutters in Burgundy were painted every colour of the rainbow. 

Anyway, in the past ten years the villagers have gotten used to my periwinkle shutters – dare I say from the amount of people painting their shutters a similar shade of periwinkle that they have even grown to like them? 

So when we repainted our shutters this summer I upped the ante and went with an even more daring shade of lavender.

Scandale!  We have managed to make waves all over again.  

But I know that Meme up there on the Mont Saint Victor approves and I’d bet that a few years from now lavender shutters will start popping up around Magny-les-Villers and Villers-la-Faye like crocuses.

Emergency Kits Must Include Corkscrews

My parents are in Burgundy now, staying at La Maison de la Vieille Vigne and I am feeling very jealous delighted for them.  Two nights ago they had a lovely cheese fondue dinner at Martial and Isabelle’s with Charlotte and Marco and all the gang of kids while I stomped around an articifical turf here in Victoria at my Charlotte’s Saturday morning soccer game (something I promised myself I would never agree too, but as Franck always says, Ne dis jamais “Fontaine, je ne boirai pas de ton eau“) trying very hard not to think of all the fun and delicious food that was going on without me. 

Luckily they were eating cheese fondue, which I made myself so completely sick on when I was in my mid-20s (not the fault of a bad gallbladder at that point, but rather of sheer gluttony) that I still cannot stomach it even to this day.    Still, that wasn’t enough to make me not long to be there with them. 

Anyway, the next morning Le Monstre Vert  (our ancient Ford Mondeo) that my parents are borrowing died in Beaune and my Dad had the smart idea of Martial.  Within minutes Martial came roaring up in his impeccable black sedan and whipped out his toolkit.  As I said to my dad on the phone, I have never met anyone as well equipped as Martial in every occasion. Anyway, out came Martial’s roadside emergency kit.  My Dad eyed it, impressed.  Martial unzipped it and pulled out the first item on top which was…a corkscrew.

Ahhhhhh Burgundy.   Vous me manquez.

Glad SOMEBODY’S Blogging!

Sorry for the continued lack of posting – I haven’t been very well and have spent most of last week at the doctor’s office – with an exciting middle of the night ER visit two nights ago just to break up the tedium! Anyway, really keeping fingers crossed that normal life (and regular posting here) will resume soon.

In the meantime, our most recent guest at La Maison des Chaumeswho also happens to be a writer for the travel industry posted a few posts on her French vacation blog about her stay in Villers-la-Faye.

To read more,  just click here. Enjoy!

Back to La Routine, and a Big Hole Too

You may or may not have noticed a definite dearth of posting here in August.

There were a few reasons why I took a break.  First of all, I really felt I needed to step back and think about what direction I wanted this blog to go in in the next year. I figured August was a good time to do this as many people are away from their computers (and rightly so) to enjoy their summers.

We were also extremely busy with friends here from France for the whole month of August and with the planning of our new house that is now actually a huge excavated hole (thanks to out lawn ornament as seen in the photo above).  My computer time was severely curtailed and it was all I could do to get the absolutely essential emails done for work, let alone blog about anything.  My lack of tiem meant that I had to choose between living and blogging about living; I chose the former.

But today the girls are back in school and Clem is back in daycare.  Ahhhhh….there is something very reassuring about going back to a routine.  So I will be back to blogging again about life in France, life in Canada, and that murkey area in between.   Oh yeah, and The Hole.