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What Is Left To Do, Except Make Boeuf Bourgignon?

As you saw from Allison’s video of a snowy Beaune winter is really giving a coup de blues to Burgundians this year. What is there to do except make up some truly soul-satisfying winter recipes that provide a balm for the spirit?

The most traditional of these in Burgundy is, of course, the famed Boeuf Bourgignon. Marjorie Taylor just posted her recipe for this French classic on her blog.

All of Marjorie’s recipes are delicious, so I do urge you to try this one if you need some spiritual healing to make it through to Spring.

And you can also dream about taking part in one of her amazing cooking classes, market tours, or dinner parties in Beaune. That doesn’t hurt either…nor does a 1991 bottle of Vougeot, either in or alongside your dish.

A World Away…

Thanks to my wonderful Beaune correspondent Allison May, I got a glimpse of just how very different March 6th was in Beaune, France and then here where I am on pretty much the other side of the world in Maui, Hawaii.

Allison was duly impressed with the tenacity of the merry-go-round operator on the Place Carnot, which was something I always marveled at as well. Come rain, wind, or as you can see here, snow, little can stop the manège.

Allison also sent me this great video yesterday of the snow falling in the streets of Beaune and on the shoulders of some very disgruntled-looking Beaunois. From what I hear of my Burgundian friends and family, everyone is thoroughly sick of what has been the hardest winter in recent memory.

Of course I told my long-term guests at La Maison des Chaumes before they arrived in January that winters were mild in Burgundy compared to Lethbridge, Alberta and recommended they didn’t bother bringing their snow gear. I am still ruing that day (as are they, sans doute!).

And I am remaining veeerrryyyy quiiiiiieeeettt about he fact that it’s 5:30am here in Maui and I am already wearing my tankini.

Enjoy, and merci again Allison!

Frenchman Goes To The Moon, Otherwise Known As Maui

My postings have been a little light this week as I have been preparing Franck, myself, and the bevy (that’s A LOT of sundresses) to fly off to Hawaii tomorrow morning.

Kihei, Maui to be exact.

I was lucky enough to spend at least three weeks every Spring in Kihei growing up but I haven’t been back since Grade 12, the year before I went to France and my life spun on its axis.

We’ll be staying at the same condo complex we used to stay at – Hale Hui Kai – and I am expecting the entire experience to be a bit of a blast from the past…with the exception of having to chase after a 2 year old instead of lathering myself with a thick coat of baby oil and frying like a rotisserie chicken under the palm trees.

And then there’s Franck. The first time he ever even took a plane was when he came to Montreal so that we could be together a few months after I left France. Granted, he has more than made up for lost time since then, but growing up in Villers-la-Faye Hawaii was definitely not on his radar.

Paris, yes. Maui, no.

As he said to my parents a week ago, “If you had told me when I was ten that I would go to Hawaii one day, I would have looked at you as if you had told me I would be going to the moon. It seemed that impossible.”

And yet…that’s where we will be sleeping tomorrow night.