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“Grape Rentals” Now On Facebook!


I’ve now got our new Facebook page for Grape Rentals up and running. I’m having fun linking up left right and centre and spreading the latest news of France, Burgundy, and our vacation rentals in that viral Facebook style we all know and love.

Just type in “Grape Rentals” in your Facebook Search. If you ad this page as a “like” you will be receiving all the latest Grape Rentals news in your newsfeed. I’d also welcome comments from all and sundry. Let’s go and create a Grape Rentals Facebook community!

If you have any questions about how this works or how to access our Facebook page, just email me or leave a comment on here.

A Very Late Soiree

On Saturday night Franck was invited by our friends Martial and Isabelle to a Gala Dinner near Savigny in honour of Beaune’s wine auction. 

Above is the wine list.  Mes excuses.  Actually this was only the list of the white wines.  And they didn’t have to pick and choose amongst these wines – ALL the wines on this list were served. 

So very understandably the evening went rather late.  Dear Isabelle had to drag the Dancing Queens (Martial and Franck) off the dance floor at 3:00am despite their loud protests.

The French always say that white wine gives you energy.      

Chic and Chicken

I just loved this photo Franck took last weekend in Beaune (there’s the bell tower, or beffroi in the distance). 

The juxtaposition of the very chic French woman and the humongous metal chicken just about sums up the atmosphere in the streets of Beaune during the Vente des Vins. 

You have to always be on the lookout because anything can happen.

French Fast Food

Chouette – Franck has started posting his photos now that he is on french soil!  This was taken somewhere in Paris I think. The chain of “Paul” shops all over France sell wonderful breads, sandwiches, pastries, and macaroons for a quick, delicious, inexpensive French meal.

Far more appealing to me than a Coke and a Big Mac! Look for their Green signs next time you are in l’hexagone.

An Adventurous Fellow Traveller Visits The Grape Journal

Bonjour tout le monde, Laura here…I have a very special guest today here at the Grape Journal.  She likes travelling like me, although I wish I shared her knack for traveling through time.

Without further ado, may I please introduce my friend Darby! 


Bisous, Grape Journal Readers!

My name is Darby Christopher, and I’ve never actually been to France. I like reading all about it on Laura’s blog, though — and about the bevy, too. And so just for today, the Grape Journal has been taken over by someone who doesn’t speak French, but who does have an appreciation for the second solitude in Canada. You’ll get a good idea of what I mean if you take a peek into my new story. It’s called FACING FIRE.

FACING FIRE picks up the thread of what happened to me after the magical summer that you may have read about in A WALK THROUGH A WINDOW. Inside both these books you’ll find that while I might not be completely bilingual, I have picked up a small talent for travelling through time…

If you are interested in learning more, you may want to have a peek at my new book. You can find out more about it – and the author – at

Or better still, would you like to win a copy as a prize? If you leave comment on this post, Laura will put your name into a draw to win a free copy of the new book – FACING FIRE. And if you actually link to this post somewhere else [like in another blog, or facebook post or even a tweet] we’ll put your name in for the draw for BOTH of my books. Go for it!

By the way, if you’re into looking for prizes, [especially if you like making videos], check out my blog HERE at Darby Speaks. I have an AMAZING contest going with some totally fantastic prizes. And if you like twitter, you can follow all the latest on the contest and the blog tour and launches @DarbyWalking.

See you there.

And merci for sharing your space with me today, Madame Bradbury!


Is That The Eiffel Tower I See Below Me?

Franck should just be flying over Paris right about now. He left Victoria at 5:00 last night. 

It’s 12:30pm in Victoria now (the next day) and he’s not even close to La Maison des Chaumes yet.

Once he lands at Charles de Gaulle he still has to survive a ride down Roissy’s notorious Jetson tubes, take the RER C to the Gare de Lyon, then hop on the TGV down to Dijon where his parents will pick him up and drive him back to our Burgundian crash pad.  

And this is all going on the assumption that everything is on time *snort* and that he hasn’t been held up by any strikes *double snort*.    

When I am actually the one travelling I go into a secondary state where I lose all sense of what time it is, or even what day it is.  It’s really when I am the one sitting at home, tracking someone else’s progress acros the Atlantic that I realize no matter which way you cut it, Victoria to Villers-la-Faye is a long haul.

“D” , or Rather “B”, Minus 1 hour

Franck is upstairs packing the last few items in his suitcase as I type this. We’re leaving for the airport in about an hour where I will send him off to Burgundy.

I’m not sure what these next two and a half  weeks are going to bring each of us on almost opposite sides of the globe.

Stay tuned…

Winemaker’s Dinner

Exciting News!  Marjorie Taylor (of The Cook’s Atelier in Beaune) is organising a special “Winemaker’s Dinner” on November 18th in honour of the upcoming  Vente des Vins.  If I was in Burgundy I sure wouldn’t be missing it and if you are lucky enough to be there, you shouldn’t either!   Four spots have already been taken so there are only six more left. 

Here is the succulent menu .  There is a “click to make a reservation” link at the bottom of the menu;

The wonderful dinner just costs 95.00 Euros a person.  It is a truly fantastique way to kick off the Vente des Vins weekend.