Monthly Archives: December 2010

Everything Stops For La Neige

I was going to post the second part of the great Burgundy travel pieces from Epicurious but I just received these photos from Franck’s parents a few minutes ago and just had to share.   It’s snowed in Burgundy – a lot.  Charlotte and Camille want to hop on the next plane so that they can go sledding up on Les Chaumes with their buddies. 

I asked my parents’-in-law if they could go for their usual walks.  They said “non” – without snow shoes you just sink too far into the snow.  Instead, after the shoveling is fini, they’re doing a lot of cooking and baking homemade bread.  I can almost smell it from over here…     

Burgundy Plans 2011 – Part I

For all of you whose plans in 2011 include a trip to Burgundy, here is the first part in an excellent three part series from Epicurious about things to do and see around Dijon and Beaune as well as places to eat and most importantly, winetaste!

Just for the record,Le Bistro des Halles is one of my favorite lunch spots in Dijon and we have been going to La Rose de Vergy since it was located in the modest little village of Reulle-Vergy.   The links to the right in the sidebar are extremely useful – definitely don’t overlook them.   

And a big merci to Franck for sending these links to me.