Monthly Archives: April 2011

Out My French Window

 I am yearning for France at the moment.  Maybe it is the fact that we have had a grueling long, gray winter here on the West Coast, or maybe because we have now bought our plane tickets and are counting the days until we return to Burgundy.  Mostly, though, it is because my sister Jayne, her husband Mark, and their daughter Anna have taken up residence in La Maison des Chaumes for the past week while they are on vacation in France.

The weather has been stupendous – today apparently the thermometer got as high as 30 degrees.   In Victoria today the high was 8 degrees.  Aie aie aie.   

And then there is this photo Jayne sent me of our cherry tree in the backyard in full bloom.  During the five years we lived in Burgundy looking out my kitchen or bedroom window to this profusion of white blossoms meant that Winter was truly over and Spring had officially arrived.

And then there was Jayne’s second photo – a shot snapped from our wrap around deck of the village houses and the fields beyond. 

The Burgundian Spring turns the fields and vineyards such a bright green that you have to blink a few times before it sinks in that such a colour truly exists.  As a backdrop to the stone village houses, there is nothing more stunning. 

Long, leisurely meals out on our deck,  waking up in the morning to warm air and cool tile floors…I may be typing this up in my parents’ playroom, but in fact I am in our house in France, looking out the window.