The Crepe Express


This weekend we were priveleged to experience something really quite extraordinary, as well as extremely delicious.  Remember Robert?   This is the friend that Franck met while we were renovating Le Relais du Vieux Beaune while he was renovating Le Baron de la Doucette’sproperty across the street on the rue Rousseau Deslandes. 

One thing led to another (this happens a lot with Franck) and Robert ended up helping us for an entire year renovating our wine cellar in Beaune.   To thank him, we invited him and his wife Mireille to Canada this Spring, and while they were there they told us that they wanted to come down to Burgundy from Quimper, Brittany where they live to make us a feast of truly authentic Brittany crepes.  Franck being Franck, he invited most of his family that weren’t on vacation (there were 18 or so of us).

So  Saturday morning Robert and Mireille set out from their house near Quimper with their car loaded to the gills with the crepe makers and all the ingredients they needed for the feats and drove SEVEN HOURS to us here in Villers-la-Faye.  When they got here Mireille set right to work making her famous recipe for Black Wheat Crepes that are the traditional dish of Brittany while Robert set up the crepe makign station on out front porch here at La Maison des Chaumes.

Around 5:00pm Franck’s family started to arrive, and we drank Champagne and “kir breton” (cassis and cider that Robert and Mireille had brought especially from Brittany) and then at around 7:00pm Robert and Mireille set to work and proved themselves to be the most amazing crepe makers I have ever had the privilege of coming across.  Robert made crepes that were as fine and as beautiful as a piece of lace. 

There was a constant stream of spectators in front of the crepe station all evening – asking for tips, watching in amazement, and making sure their order was being executed!  

Mireille organized Charlotte and Camille into being the waitresses for the evening, a job that they pulled of with considerable charm and aplomb.  As you can see, Mireille even bought them (as well as Clem and I) beautiful Amor Lux “marienieres” from Brittany so that we were dressed appropriately for the occassion.   She and Camille designed a “Menu Breton” for the famished masses to choose from.     

And as for Clem, I think she must have some Breton blood running through her veins. 



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