A Find in Chalon

Franck and I made it to nearby Chalon-sur-Saone yesterday for a quick excursion to a few of our favorite “brocantes” to pick up some things for the gites.

I wasn’t planning on buying anything for little old moi but when I stumbled upon this perfectly intact set of spice canisters for 25 Euros I couldn’t resist.

Franck thinks they were manufactured just after the second world war using recycled warheads. They are amazingly light, and the brand name engraved on the bottom of each one is “Marmité” which literally means “bombed with missiles” in French (I looked it up).

I like these so much I think I may be bringing them back to Victoria to put in my new house there – the house that actually isn’t built yet -but more on that later!

4 thoughts on “A Find in Chalon

  1. A Novel Woman

    LOVE these. I’m an inveterate, unrepentant flea market hunter/gatherer so the thought of wandering around in France looking for stuff, well, it gives me shivers.

    I was actually looking at some bomb casing cyclinders on eBay a while back. They used them for vases or umbrella stands.

  2. admin Post author

    Dear Alli, That means you’ll have to come to Canada to visit us (or maybe live for a few years?!?!). My girls were very impressed with your girls’ multiculturalism (“they’re Scottish, AND American AND Austrsalian AND now they will be French too!”). It was great to meet you, but wish we had more time! Bises xo Laura

  3. Allison May

    Laura, I have learned to never say never about where we are going to live. Who knows?!! The girls had a great time at your home and we all look forward to your return next summer.

    l, alli & gang

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