Franck’s Sunday Rides

Franck and his friend Martial have over the past six or so months gotten into the routine of going for a bike ride every Sunday morning. My only stipulation is that he go down to the village of Comblachien, where a boulanger is currently making some of the best baguettes I have ever tasted in my life, and get us some fresh bread for our morning tartines before riding off into the blue yonder.

He and Martial are laughably well-suited as biking partners as they love nothing better than going further, higher, and faster than 99% of us other human beings on the planet. They also rather enjoy getting lost which is a good thing as it happens most Sundays.

So they bike off while the girls and I laze around in our pyjamas and dressing gowns, munch tartines, and watch ScoobyDoo in French.

But when Franck came back from his most recent ride with some lovely photos, it almost made me want to go with them…almost, but not quite. Besides, I’m pregnant.

So if you too would rather watch ScoobyDoo in your pyjamas, here they are:

Here is a close-up of why the vineyards are so stunning this time of year in their Fall colours.

This is a statue of the Virgin that stands guard over the nearby village of PernandVergelesses.

Here’s Martial taking a photo over the village of PernandVergelesses and then out towards Beaune. The fluorescent yellow vest he’s wearing (Franck has a matching one – very cute) are so they are not mistaken by wine-sodden hunters for wild boars.

And here’s Franck’s photo of Pernand and the vineyards beyond. Almost enough to make you want to hop on a bike Sunday morning, isn’t it?