Back to La Routine, and a Big Hole Too

You may or may not have noticed a definite dearth of posting here in August.

There were a few reasons why I took a break.  First of all, I really felt I needed to step back and think about what direction I wanted this blog to go in in the next year. I figured August was a good time to do this as many people are away from their computers (and rightly so) to enjoy their summers.

We were also extremely busy with friends here from France for the whole month of August and with the planning of our new house that is now actually a huge excavated hole (thanks to out lawn ornament as seen in the photo above).  My computer time was severely curtailed and it was all I could do to get the absolutely essential emails done for work, let alone blog about anything.  My lack of tiem meant that I had to choose between living and blogging about living; I chose the former.

But today the girls are back in school and Clem is back in daycare.  Ahhhhh….there is something very reassuring about going back to a routine.  So I will be back to blogging again about life in France, life in Canada, and that murkey area in between.   Oh yeah, and The Hole.

2 thoughts on “Back to La Routine, and a Big Hole Too

  1. Allison May

    Didn’t realise you were demolishing first! We gutted our last house– what an adventure! Looking forward to hearing all about it!

  2. heather beaumont

    Hi LAura!

    Wow, sounds very exciting!
    Some cool news for us as well. We have moved to Paris!
    Who knew! We move into a permanent apt in a few weeks. Bruce keeps saying…hey we will be able to see Franck and Laura again!

    Yay! Heather Bruce, Lily and Riel.

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