This summer while we were in France one of our projects was to repaint our shutters at La Maison des Deux Clochers.

When we repainted them the first time after buying the house in 1998 the mode in Burgundian villages was to stain shutters a hideous dark brown colour.

I stomped in like the oblivious foreigner that I was and repainted ours what I thought was a stunning shade of periwinkle. 

The villagers were shocked and horrified.  Franck’s grandmother Meme consoled me by saying that dans le temps shutters in Burgundy were painted every colour of the rainbow. 

Anyway, in the past ten years the villagers have gotten used to my periwinkle shutters – dare I say from the amount of people painting their shutters a similar shade of periwinkle that they have even grown to like them? 

So when we repainted our shutters this summer I upped the ante and went with an even more daring shade of lavender.

Scandale!  We have managed to make waves all over again.  

But I know that Meme up there on the Mont Saint Victor approves and I’d bet that a few years from now lavender shutters will start popping up around Magny-les-Villers and Villers-la-Faye like crocuses.

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