LaCanche Mon Amour

So this week I had to immerse myself in the murky world of appliance shopping for our new house. This has necessiated getting my head around objectionable terms like “duel fuel”, “speed oven”, and “turbo filter.”

If only I could win the lottery, life (and appliance shopping) would be so much simpler.  I would be buying this Burgundian-made gas range from my very own Cote D’Or with absolutely no regrets.  And I’m asking you, why don’t they make gas ranges in this lovely delft blue colour for under $10,000???

To drool some more, just visit LaCanche’s lovely North American website .  


4 thoughts on “LaCanche Mon Amour

  1. Allison May

    We drove to the town of LaCanche our frist week in Burgundy and visited the showroom. I almost wept! Now just need to find the perfect house to renovate and they will deliver to my doorstep. Someday….

  2. Jayne

    I forgot to send this to you, but it’s a clipping from an old Gourmet (RIP) that discusses going to purchase a LaCanche stove.

    Just look at the shot of them lined up all wrapped in their bubble wrap, ready to be packed and shipped to your kitchen. Ah, dare to dream! I would also be there with you if we collectively won the lottery!


  3. admin Post author

    Thank you for the link Jayne. I might post that tomorrow as that is a great little article. I wish I could put one of these in our houses, especially as they are made literally on our doorstep in Burgundybut you wouldn’t believe the number of renters who have never encountered (and don’t want to) a gas range. Our renter’s insurance would almost triple…*sigh* . None of this changes the fact that I am in love. I like the red one too. *double sigh*

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