A Night On the Town in Paris

It’s past midnight but we just got back to Joelle’s l’Atelier and downloaded some photos of this evening. I’m going to post a few before collapsing into bed – Franck is off again to go carrousing with Nicolas so I’m not going to wait up.

This is where we had dinner. I’m going to do a proper review when I get home to my computer.

This is what the atmosphere is like – you can’t get more of a traditional Parisian brasserie, including getting yelled at by the waiters if you appear too eager to please or slow-witted.

Here’s me, patently very happy to be out on the town for an evening with my husband and only the glow-worm kicking and doing somersaults in my stomach in the way of children.

Here was our bill written on the paper tablecloth. It looks like a lot but only came to 49 Euros and some centimes for the both of us.

Here’s a photo I took of us driving around the deathtrap that is the Arch de Triomphe afterwards – Franck can’t resist having a drive around it every time we come to Paris just to confirm that he still has that French driving edge. We are still alive, so I can confirm that he does.

And lastly, because I’m yawning and the tres comfortable bed upstairs is beckoning, here’s my head in front of the Eiffel Tower, a sight that always makes me want to pinch myself and say “I’m really in Paris” no matter how many times I see it.