Ouf! Belated Thanksgiving

“Ouf” is what the French say instead of “whew!” and I am one big visceral “OUF” after our non-Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving weekend.

Things I was NOT thankful for this weekend;

1. The fact that Clem was running fevers as high as 42 Celsius
2. Her laboured breathing
3. The total of 14 hours we spent in the ER spread over three separate visits
4. The overnight hospital stay
5. Watching my child as she got an IV put in her tiny little hand
6. Ditto for blood tests

Things I AM thankful for;

1. Living in a country where I don’t have to worry about going bankrupt when my child gets sick
2. The amazing nurses and doctors in the pediatric ward
3. All you can eat Popsicles in pediatric ward
4. The fact that they leant us a portable DVD player for Clem to watch Dora videos when she was feeling better
5. My husband who has admirably sturdy nerves when dealing with crisis situations
6. My sister who drove me out to the ER (fast) so that I could sit in the back with Clem
7. My parents who looked after Charlotte and Camille
8. My brother-in-law who made me his homemade Dhal to come home to
9. BBC’s Pride & Prejudice (with Colin Firth, of course) – which, when combined with aforementioned Dhal, made me feel almost human again
10. The fact that Clem has finally turned a corner and is on the mend

In the balance I guess I should be saying “merci” as well as “ouf”.