La Crise

While we are just emerging from the most recent crise in the Germain household (in the form of 3 weeks of the bevy sick with the flu) France is going through a major crise of its own.  The latest series of strikes was triggered by Sarkozy’s proposal to reform the current retirement age, and they are hum-dingers.

I say this tongue in cheek but I know that for our guests in Burgundy it is no laughing matter.  Strikes are a fact of life in France, but they are – especially widespread ones like this – a real drag.  One of the most pressing issues right now is a gas shortage.  Just click here to see a map of the current gas shortages in France .  

We have one set of guests who have decided to stick around in Burgundy rather than head down South and get stuck there.  I think I would probably do the same in their shoes.

We have some of our family and friends in France that are whole-heartedly (with banners) in the street supporting the strikes, whereas other are at home seething that the strike is self-indulgent and unjustified.  Travelers to France beware! – it is a hugely divisive issue.