French Fast Food

Chouette – Franck has started posting his photos now that he is on french soil!  This was taken somewhere in Paris I think. The chain of “Paul” shops all over France sell wonderful breads, sandwiches, pastries, and macaroons for a quick, delicious, inexpensive French meal.

Far more appealing to me than a Coke and a Big Mac! Look for their Green signs next time you are in l’hexagone.

2 thoughts on “French Fast Food

  1. Franck

    For more information on Paul have a look at the following website

    This picture was taken in the train station located in the Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris – my preferred route when going to Burgundy from Canada.

    I was happy to find Paul there. I had a nice butter croissant with an expresso and I bought a fresh baguette…this and the fact that all the train were delayed for more than an hour made me feel back home 🙂

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