4 thoughts on “Où Sommes-Nous?

  1. admin Post author

    You got it! Virtual bottle of burgundy to you! Not quite as satisfying as the real stuff, but still…is your life still as crazy as mine???

  2. Lisa

    Wheeee! I just checked this out today! How cool that I could tell where it was!

    Yes, things are still crazy here. I keep sending myself an email saying “WRITE TO LAURA AND MAKE A NEW PLAN”… but the fact that I haven’t yet written that email is a bit of a testament to the way things have been here lately. Oy. John has been out of town twice (and the single parenting thing, which you are experiencing now, is sooooo hard), we made an unexpected trip to his parents in Montana, the pile of grading grows higher and higher…. at least we are briefly healthy (I say as I knock wood, cross toes, throw salt)… but buried under a lot of snow and bitter cold. That email will come! A new plan will come! And I will toast you with a virtual glass of delicious Burgundy tonight. Bises a tous!

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