La Vente des Vins (or the weekend of the epic winetasting and giant bungee trampolines)

After a nutty week replete with fun things like strep throats, sinus infections, and stripping wallpaper that has apparently been affixed with the the strongest glue ever known to man, the girls, Franck, and I are really looking forward to this weekend. As in every November here in Beaune, the third weekend is known as “Les Trois Glorieuses” and the town parties for three days to celebrate the world-famous wine auction that takes place in the covered market hall on Saturday.

The information on the web is, as is the case for many of these french festivities, woefully sparse, but if you want to go to the most “official” page I could find, click here;—a-la-une/1047000362-1-1-0-1-book-online-your–wine-auction–weekend.htm

However, I wrote a series of three posts detailing our “Vente des Vins” weekend last year that is, in my humble opinion, far more telling (maybe a bit too telling, but that always seems to be the way with me).

If you’re feeling indulgent, just click here to start;




This year it is going to be fabulous to be able to walk out the door of Le Relais du Vieux Beaune and be immediately immersed in the party. I am opting out of the Hospices winetasting as I don’t think tasting near 100 wines in the space of a couple of hours will do much for the glow-worm’s IQ, however I am very much looking forward to a dinner of this piping hot escargots from the stand on Place Carnot. For the girls, of course, it is all about the giant bungee trampolines…