The Coolest Franco-Canuck logo EVER

Now that the Holidays are over and we have completed our invasion of my parents’ home until our new house is complete I am back to my computer.

Before Christmas my sister Suzanne, who is now in the throes of planning a family trip to France this summer with the families of two of their closest friends, sent me this photo. For their matching trip T-shirts my very clever brother-in-law Greg designed the coolest Franco-Canuck logo that I have ever seen.

He merged the French and Canadian flags – now why didn’t I ever think of that? The result is a logo that is minimalist, chic, and speaks volumes. I think he should patent it.

It looks fantastique on the fetching ladies above or their offspring below.   The only member of the group who wasn’t conquis is the youngest who has boycotted the whole group T-shirt thing because they don’t come in pink.  You will be finding her a few years from now at Fashion Week in Paris.