Epicurious Article Part III – Beaune and The Cote de Beaune

Here it is!  As promised, voici the third and final part of the Epicurious articles about Burgundy.  This one concentrates on Beaune, one of my very favorite places (and the town where Clementine was born).  

Can you find Clementine, little Beaunoise that she is, in the photo above?  Winner gets a virtual bottle of Charlotte Dumay Hospices de Beaune vintage 2005…

3 thoughts on “Epicurious Article Part III – Beaune and The Cote de Beaune

  1. admin Post author

    You’re right Pam! Your virtual bottle is on its way…how have you been? I have been going through another of those “barely holding it together” phases with work, kids, and the hosue build. We’re scheduled to be done in May though – whew! Bises xo

  2. A Novel Woman

    I don’t know how you do it. The house build is a huge job and it’s stressful. Let’s hope they stick to the schedule. I want to see photos!

    I’ve been good, though fighting the flu right now (so much for flu shots) and Doug has pneumonia, mostly because he’s working long days. But we’re going to Nassau for a week, the first time we’ve done a week in the sun during the winter, so I’m excited about that.

    Smooches, P.

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