Until Jacky’s is resurrected…

The closure of Jacky’s bistro in the village while awaiting a new owner has left a big hole in our restaurant repertoire.

However, last week when Franck had enough of scraping wallpaper off centimetre by centimetre and I just was plain hungry (hey, I’m pregnant) we decided to give the restaurant in the neighbouring village of Meuilley a try.

I’m sorry but I can’t give you anything more specific than “the restaurant in Meuilley” as I was so blinded by hunger when I arrived and dopey with repleteness when we left that I forgot to look at what street it is on. However, if you go to Meuilley (only about 5 minutes from Villers-la-Faye and MagnylesVillers) and drive around you will surely find it. It is the only restaurant in the village and is beside the only grocery store (epicerie). If memory serves correct it is across from the Mairie, but then again I was more focused on lunch than anything else.

Granted, inside the decor doesn’t have quite the charm of Jacky’s unrepentant ugliness, but the feel of the restaurant is still the same (i.e. to be avoided if you are allergic to cigarette smoke). They serve lunch only, it’s full of tradesmen, you have to arrive between 12:00 and 12:30, and there’s no menu – you get what they’re cooking that day.

But usually what they’re cooking that day is pretty darn good. We had a lovely salad with hard boiled eggs and charcuterie, then the main dish of Osso Bucco with oven roasted potatoes, then we chose fromage blanc for the cheese course which came in a huge bowl with a big dollop of cream. For dessert we could choose from a bowl of fruit (fruit? for dessert??? I’m not that french yet), several flavours of ice cream, or the homemade apple tart.

We both went, bien sur, for the tart which was delicious and washed it down with an espresso. All of this, plus bread and a small-ish pitcher of red wine which I sadly couldn’t indulge in was included in the price per head of 12.00 Euros.

Make sure you drop by or phone and make a reservation first, as the restaurant understandably fills up mighty fast. I will try to find a phone number by the time I post this restaurant review in The Grape News I’m working on.