Rick Steves Burgundy Clip – Love or Loathe?

Bonjour tout le monde! Sorry I have been a bit silent lately. I was away on a course in Vancouver all last week and I have also been hit with the Germain Family Birthday Marathon; four Birthdays (all three girls + Franck) between January 15th and February 21st. Yes, I realize I didn’t plan that very well.

Anyway, to get back on the saddle again I am posting this link to a video of the ubiquitous Rick Steves biking and winetasting in Burgundy.

Now, I know a lot of people love Rick Steves but I just can’t get past his girly voice that seems to me better adapted to narrating a Pretty Pony DVD than a travel show. Still, if you ignore the cheesy French accordion music this actually isn’t an inaccurate glimpse of Burgundy.  It also contains surprisingly decent explanations of two essential aspects of Burgundian life – the concept of “terroir” and winetasting technique.

Enjoy…or not…depends on just how much Rick Steves you can take!   Joyeux Lundi (est-ce possible?)

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