Renos at La Maison des Chaumes

Franck and I took our daily trip up to our house in Villers-la-Faye, baptised some time ago as La Maison des Chaumes, which is now getting built up after being largely demolished over the past three weeks.

Do you like our new front door? I love it. It lets in the light and has a nice view out to the lovely old trees across the street.

The tiling guy has taken over this week, and has banished everyone else from the house until he’s finished. I have learned over the course of several reno jobs that laying tile is one of the trickiest trades out there. There is nothing worse than a bad tiling job, but our tiler obviously knows his stuff.

He’s doing a diagonal pattern that was very tricky to adapt to the angles of the house, and he laid the orange stuff to harmonize the floor levels which were all over the place. It has a proper name but I think of it as “that orange stuff on the floor”.

That big tarp covered hole is where our stairs would go if we ever find the money to renovate the upstairs – therefore not anytime soon unless we win the Euromillions lottery. Would help if we actually played.

Here’s the flow of the tile between the kitchen and living room, where we punched a big ‘ole hole in the wall, a supporting wall at that, but (keeping fingers crossed) so far the house hasn’t come tumbling down. Have to reiterate how thrilled I am with the tiling job. We’re using the smaller version of the Portuguese tiles we installed in La Maison de la Vieille Vigne and love.

And, mon dieu, here is that nit-picky seven months pregnant work supervisor, freely dispensing her opinions as usual . Jeesh, not her again…