Wedding at the Bastion des Hospices

We went to an amazing wedding on Saturday evening – a wedding that could have only happened in Beaune.

The parents of Charlotte’s buddy Anne-Louise were getting married, and her mother, Marie-Joelle just happens to be the director of Human Resources at the Hospital / Hospices of Beaune. The wedding was all built around a “Beaune” themed – the invitations and menus were printed up exactly like labels from the much coveted wine sold at the famous Beaune wine auction on the thrid weekend of every November, and then there was the wine list itself…it contained no less than thirteen wines from “Les Hospices” and took up an entire page of the menu – enough to make oenophiles collapse in spasms of jealousy.

Each table had an appointed “caviste” with the all-important repsonsibility of keeping everyone’s glasses full of the appropriate wine for each of the wonderful courses being served – foie gras and fig compote for starters, for example. Hard job but someone has to do it!

And then there was the locale for the reception and dinner – none other than the “Bastion” of the Hotel-Dieu. This incredible medieval room is used every year for the prestigious closing dinner of the annual “Vente des Vins”, and for other gala events, but is otherwise closed off the the public. The vaulted room is actually inside one of the medieval fortifcations of the town, and is decorated with priceless tapestries dating back to the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

So it was in this awe-inspiring decor that we and the girls (who were thrilled to be sitting at the “children’s table” with its own separate menu and waiters, far away from the parents) wined and dined and danced until the wee hours of the morning.