The Name Game Part II

So for the glow-worm’s name I have two requirements; the initials have to be C.A.G. again so as he / she doesn’t feel like the odd one out, and there has to be an accent in there somewhere.

This of course nixes our “reserve” boy name, but there are so many little boy Hugos here in France at the moment and I’ve noticed that most of them are absolute hellions. Besides, my little sister Jayne and her husband Mark have been making noises about claiming the name “Jack” so I figure one Jack is enough in the family.

So a boy name that starts with a “C”…….Luckily a few months before we decided to throw caution to the wind and try for baby#3 I stumbled on a boy name that I absolutely loved.

It’s “Clovis” and was the name of the king who united Burgundy and the rest of France in the Middle Ages. Meaningful to us, original but not too original, masculine, and pronounceable in both English and French. Bingo.

In my first trimester I began to search around in vain for a middle name that began with an “A” and preferably had an accent. No luck. Finally my mother reminded me when she was over here this Fall that Franck’s own father’s name is “André“and that, you guessed it, it has an accent. Duh. Despite a frightening lack of brain cells (due to pregnancy, I am sincerely hoping) I had against all odds found our boy’s name, “Clovis André“.

Unfortunately when I announced our boy name to my friends and family in Canada the response I got was not what you would call enthusiastic. While the french contingent heartily approve of the name, the English contingent is definitely not as wowed.

Although they expressed this in the most diplomatic way possible (they are fellow Canadians after all) they strategically let it slip that they had, what a coincidence, recently learned the name “Clovis” is frequently used in the Southern States by red-neck bible thumpers or families deep in the Appalachians who have been marrying between cousins for generations. I had never heard of that before, but was not dissuaded. I still love “Clovis”, and now my response is that even if they don’t like it now they will GROW to like it, and that in fact I believe I would, if I had a boy, actually start a new baby name trend in Western Canada.

However, maybe my insouciance with the Canuck consensus also had something to do with the fact that around this time my ob / gyn started referring to my baby as a “she”. I really wasn’t about to be overly fussed about a boy’s name seeing as I was becoming increasingly convinced the glow-worm was going to be a girl.

To be continued…