In Love with Petit Bateau

More on the cellar tomorrow, but first I just have to take a moment to profess my love for Petit Bateau baby clothes…

Our friends Martial (who we’ve asked to be Clem’s godfather, incidentally) and Isabelle presented Clémentine with lots of lovely presents shortly after she was born, including her lovely soft dou-dou that as you can see below has already become a big favorite.

However, my favorite of their presents are the two Petit Bateau onesies they gave her. Like all Petit Bateau products, the cotton is impossibly soft and is just the perfect weight

The one she is modeling below says “Ma Petite Cherie” and makes her feel very French and feminine, which is important when one has very little hair on top of one’s head. The other one has many cute French phrases written pink on a white background, but she peed all over it as I was posing her for her photo shoot.

Anyway, check out the Petit Bateau website, which already has me drooling. Just click here;

And their US website;

They have recently added adult clothing and underwear as well, which the French women I know are snapping up. Anything Petit Bateau makes them feel very nostalgic as they all began life in Petit Bateau onesies like Clémentine.