Only Evian for Us French Girls

In Canada we used good ‘ole tap water (boiled at the beginning, if I recall correctly) for Charlotte and Camille’s bottles. Here in France, however, I am learning that chic French women begin the lifelong habits that are responsible for their world-renowned health and beauty when they are barely out of the uterus.

Even though our tap water here in France is just as rigorously high quality as in Canada, we were informed at the Maternity ward in Beaune that to prepare bottles we should only use high quality mineral water to mix with the powder. Preferably Evian, bien sûr.

When Clémentine was suffering from un petit peu of constipation (sounds much more elegant when pronounced with a French accent) on her return from the hospital I called the sage-femme and asked her if there was anything I could do to help her digestion.

The answer was, of course, self-evident to any French female. You must vary your high-quality mineral waters to remedy any digestive upsets. So now Clémentine has a rotation of three different brands of mineral waters in her bottles, and her digestive tract se porte trés bien, merci!

Tomorrow I’ll get back to ongoing saga of the Beaune cellar renovations, including telling the tale of our unique light fixtures that were *ahem* “salvaged” thanks to another one of Franck’s projects.