This Girl is 8 Today and Don’t Fret – Those Aren’t her Real Lips

I know, I know, I promised a further installment in the cellar saga.

However, as I said before I am functioning on a sleep-deprived gnat brain at the moment so when I made the promise I forgot that today is Charlotte’s Birthday. This means I will be baking cakes, making specially requested dinners, and generally celebrating that eight years ago today she came into our lives. She elected a feet-first arrival into the world, which certainly explains my first C-section and perhaps explains why she is so special.

Anyway, off I go, because February 21st is and should be all about Charlotte, and the cellar light fixture “salvaging” episode will just have to wait until tomorrow.

And yes, it is not just your imagination, we have a lot of winter Birthdays in our family

Camille – January 15th
Clémentine – January 23rd
Franck – February 11th
Charlotte – February 21st

And I am all by my lonesome in October…anyway, back to my cake.