Some Things Are Just Too Good To Miss

I just happen to have lots of blog posts up my sleeve at the moment; short, long, and about widely varying topics such as the Beaune market, wine racks we’ll be putting in the cellar, Marion Cotillard’s Oscar win for “La Môme“, how french kids are driving their parents crazy these days, a photo of Nestle dessert chocolate (secret to all good French cooks) for Pam, etc. etc.

But today thanks to one of my favorite blogs I came across a list of “Do’s and Dont’s” for a taking care of babies that has to be read by all of you. Today. Now. It is that funny.

So everything can just wait while you go to the link below and scroll down to find out how NOT to care for your baby. And just for the record I’m not doing any of these bad things, except for maybe letting Clémentine chew on the odd shoe, and oh yeah, I had forgotten about the weightlifting we made her do last week…

My stomach still hurts from laughing so hard – wouldn’t be surprised if I popped a few stitches.