Nestle Dessert Chocolate

Here is a photo of the packages of the chocolate I strongly recommended in my Laura’s French Chocolate Cake recipe. It is Nestle Dessert Chocolate. Any serious French cook will use nothing else. Franck’s Mémé would refuse to make her chocolate mousse with any other type of chocolate.

I’d be curious to know whether you are able to find it in Canada or the US. If not, I may seriously consider starting an importing business!

Another important note in my recipe which I have now rectified – you need to butter and flour the pan before pouring in the cake mixture – I also use a teflon type non-stick cake pan (in the shape of a heart, because I have three girls and what girl doesn’t like a heart-shaped cake?) I have added this in now but if you printed out the recipe before it may not be included.

Now, off to your ovens!