The Proof Is In the Birthday Party

Here are Charlotte and her friends at her 8th Birthday party on Saturday. They all have excellent taste as if you look closely you can see they are devouring my French Chocolate Cake which Charlotte requested (again), as per family tradition.

One thing I love are the names of the children here in France. As you may have read a while ago while reading my “The Name Game” post in preparation for naming the glow-worm who we now know was Clémentine, I love thinking about names. If it wasn’t for the C-sections I might have had ten children just for the fun of naming them.

At Canada our birthday parties were populated by Ethans, Dylans, Laurens, Emmas, etc. (which are all lovely names) but I love the fact that the children’s names over here are so different from those at home. In an era when you can find both McDonalds and Starbucks within 1 kilometre of the Eiffel Tower it’s nice to witness firsthand that cultural diversity still exists.

From Charlotte going around the table clockwise we have;

Baptiste (partially hidden but you can take it from me – very cute)