Good Pastries with a Bad Face

Camille and I got out for a little mother and daughter treat this week and of course I took her to my favorite treat place in Beaune – the wonderful pastry, chocolate, and ice cream shop called Chez Collard.
The competition for the best pastries in Beaune is stiff indeed, but I think this place really does win the award for the most delectable creations.

If you’re in Beaune, do yourself a favour and try one of their éclairs, réligieuses, figues, or my personal favorite, the bucheron (means “lumberjack” – must be my Canuck heritage coming out) which is a confection of meringue and chocolate ganache.

The shop is just off from the market place on the pedestrian-only rue Monge.

Chez Collard
8 rue Monge

So what is the bad face part about, you are wondering?

Don’t expect gracious service to go along with your treat. The lady who owns and runs the shop scares the living daylights out of her clientele. Not only is she reputed to have a face like une porte de prison (a prison door) but worst of all she has been known to refuse to sell pastries to people she dislikes. And one things she dislikes – I know because I’ve heard her balling out tourists for the crime – is people taking photos of her shop.

So Camille and I embarked on a kamikaze photo mission after our treat.

Quick Camille – smile! We spoke in English in an attempt to go undercover, although Camille’s very strong french accent may have been a strong give away.

Got it! Then we run off so the Lady with the Bad Face won’t recognize us next time we come in for our Collard fix.