More Spring at Beaune’s Saturday Market, Because Today Feels Far From Spring-Like

We have enjoyed a gorgeous winter here in Burgundy with mild weather and sunny blue skies almost every day. Today, however, Mother Nature is reminding us that she too can have her bad moods (although Eastern Canada certainly seems to be getting the brunt of those this year). We woke up to a stormy gray sky and sheets of rain and it hasn’t let up.

So as an antidote I’m going to post a few more of my Saturday Beaune market photos to remind myself that contrary to appearances, Spring really IS just around the corner.

Here is the old “Caisse D’Epargne” building which, along with a crystal blue sky, served as a backdrop to scenes like this;

Some saucissons with a very chic french woman strolling along behind them.

And some yummy looking fromage

…that looked so fetching I had to take another photo.

And there isn’t just food. I always end up lingering over this stand of Burgundy-made pottery.

Not to mention the baskets. Every self-respecting french person should have a favorite one to take to the market with them.

And last but not least, this very lovely half-French, half-Canadian 8 year old striking a pose.