Joyeuses Paques

Joyeuses Paques from Burgundy, where it is currently snowing (!), Franck is on his Sunday morning bike ride with Martial (in the snow), and Charlotte keeps exclaiming “Hallelujah! Jesus is resuscitated!” at random intervals.
I knew that Rosary wasn’t as innocent as it looked.

Our little Easter Egg who is exactly two months old today has started giving us huge open-mouth smiles like this;

That’s Camille’s dark head hanging over her and Charlotte’s hand on the other side of the photo. I swear there was never a child who enjoyed such constant entertainment.

We’re also off to Franck’s parents for Easter lunch, our third big meal out in the last three days, and I’m just about to make my first stab at making madeleines to take along with us. Alone with the three girls – one who is quickly bored in her jiggly chair, and the two older ones eager “helpers” – the feat should prove quite interessant. As long as I don’t poison anyone I’ll deem it a success. Happiness is all about keeping those expectations at a rock-bottom level.