Easter Weekend in the Snow

First off, thank you for all the lovely supportive comments and suggestions re: colic. Just being reminded by other woman that motherhood is indeed a complex business, and not akin to mainlining Xanax as many would have us believe, is reassuring.

Today Clem is still squawking quite a bit but she is definitely better than yesterday. Or maybe this is an illusion, as today I am working while Franck is looking after her. It’s amazing how much less the crying bothers me when I’m not the one who has to do something about it.

I also had a massage last night at this great place in Beaune called “Tao Ciel” just around the corner from Le Relais du Vieux Beaune on the rue des Tonneliers. Now the baby cries which had been reverberating in my skull have been replaced by the sound of a trickling stream and intermittent whale song .

Colic may not be any easier this time around but at least I have learned that I need to squeeze in breaks for myself whenever possible (not often, but some is better than none). Martyrs do not make happy mothers.

That sling thing of Heather’s sounds promising too, as does the baby fruit bat position…

Anyway, back to my post;

I couldn’t post these photos earlier as I was doing the two-armed colic jiggle, but check out our Easter Weekend. This is taken on our terrace which we will be finishing this Spring. It’s a great place to eat outside, but obviously not this March…

However, it was a good place to build snowmen this weekend. Actually, “snowgirls” is a more appropriate term as they were named with a surfeit of originality “Charlotte” and “Camille”.

And the front yard, which we’ll also be landscaping when the sun comes out and the colic ends (please God) was a good place to suck on lumps of snow.

And if you happen to be clinically insane like Franck and Martial, snowy mornings present the perfect opportunity to go for a three hour bike ride, and come back looking like Creatures from the Muddy Lagoon.