Thank You For Your Support

When concocting my April Fools prank I asked myself “what is the most far-fetched thing I can imagine happening right now?”

The answer “being pregnant again” popped into my head immediately. I know some people have back to back babies, even people who have had C-sections like me, but frankly now that I have my healthy baby girl, the last thing I want to to do is hop back on that roller coaster again.

However, what I didn’t count on was all the lovely supportive comments and emails I received before people began to pick up on the correlation between my announcement and the date. Not one person sent me an email along the lines of “ARE YOU EFFING CRAZY?!?!?” which shows how lucky I am to have such great family, friends, and blog readers. Merci Beaucoup.

Just had to share with you an email from my sister Suzanne, who was in on the joke, and was on the phone about it with my parents who are currently vacationing in Hawaii;

“Just was talking to mum about talking to dad (golfing) and she asked if you had added anything to your blog so I read it to her. Had her going for at least 1 minute of shock. I kept saying “look at the date, what date is it?” and she kept saying “that’s the baby’s due date?”. Finally I had to say – It’s April Fools! I think she’s still laughing. She thought it was hilarious, and is NOT going to tell Dad. Told her she had to be with him though, in case he has a stroke.”

I think anyone vacationing in Hawaii deserves to have their leg pulled a bit, don’t you?