Hallways, and other such nuisances

This time around I had planned everything so as to leave us ample time to get Le Relais du Vieux Beaune ready for our first guests who arrive (and arrive from Israel, no less – a first!) on July 29th

I make a lot of mistakes in life, just like everybody else, but I do try to learn from them. Renovating and equipping La Maison de la Vieille Vigne last year was an experience that I will never regret; it is also an experience that I would never want to repeat. To get a ruin completely renovated from the new roof to the new floor, furnished, and ready for guests in four months…it was not done without a fair amount of screaming, exhaustion, and despair. There was immense satisfaction when it all came together, to be sure, but we arrived in Canada afterwards feeling like we needed to be scraped up by a spatula.

So, trying to learn from the experience, I have turned down guests who have wanted to book the property before the 29th, and we have been very diligent about getting the renos done and ordering the mattresses, couch, etc. and getting them delivered well ahead of time.

So there I was standing in our (freshly installed, plastered, and painted) kitchen the other day, beside our newly delivered couch, congratulating myself on my foresight.

Then I happened to glance down at the width of the couch, and then over to the narrow width of the end of the hallway, and then back again at the couch, and then back again at the hallway.