Charlotte Buffet’s Madeleines

Yesterday was Sunday and my last day of normal food, as I start my fun GI exam “prep” work as of this morning, which includes a really strict diet. Of all times in my life to cut out chocolate…anyway, yesterday I celebrated by finally succeeding at making delicious homemade madeleines – the ubiquitous french mini-cake.

I had tried a few times over the last few weeks but my madeleines didn’t hold a candle to my friend Charlotte’s. So finally on Saturday afternoon I went over to Charlotte’s for a madeleine lesson. Anyway, my madeleines weren’t exactly the same as Charlotte’s – probably explained by a different oven and a different madeleine tin, but they were pretty darn delicious.

Charlotte Buffet’s Madeleines


-2 organic (non-treated) lemons
-200 grams of salted butter
-4 eggs
-200 grams of fine sugar
-225 grams of flour


– grate lemons for zest, set aside
– melt the butter on very low heat – make sure it doesn’t bubble
– break eggs into medium-sized bowl and then add sugar
– whisk vigorously, this is a VERY important step, with whisk until the mixture becomes pale in colour, about five minutes (your arm should really start to cramp up)
– add in lemon zest, whisk again
– add in flour, whisk until thoroughly mixed
– add in melted butter, whisk until thoroughly mixed

Pour batter into buttered madeleine tin which you should be able to find at any fancy cooking store. Cook at 190 degrees Celsius for about 10-20 minutes or until golden brown. Leave to cool on a rack. Bon appetit!

Can be stored for several days in sealed Tupperware type container or cookie tin.

I’m still working on my antique tour – will be coming soon! In the meantime, feast on these;