The Not-So-Glam Side of Managing Vacation Rentals

Most of the time I love what I do, and I do fully realize that I am very lucky to be doing it. However, this morning sorely tested that love. I finally got some work time scheduled (have to finally get further “Antique Tour” posts posted after all!) while Franck looked after Cleméntine. I don’t even attempt work while she is awake as I have learned the following equation through hard experience:

Trying To Work + Trying To Look After Baby = Insanity & Self-Loathing

So I sat down to try to make some headway in the terrifying miasma that is my email in-box, and I got an email from one set of clients;

– the bathroom heater in Magny was on when we arrived yesterday, and seems to be going full tilt. Is it broken?

Very good question. Asked Franck, as all thing electrical are His Department. Turns out Franck just turned on the heat yesterday so the guests wouldn’t arrive to a cold house. Emailed clients back to this effect as they are on vacation and it may be too early to phone, wishing all things in life were so quickly and easily resolved.

Five minutes later, got a phone call from another set of guests;

– can’t figure out how to change channels on satellite TV (true, this involves 2 clickers and has been known to befuddle me). Try to resolve this over the phone, but can’t as clicker confusion is too great. Franck dispatched over to La Vieille Vigne, but I console myself thinking at least it’s in the same village – shouldn’t take very long…

Franck gets back quickly and I start responding to my emails again. Ten minutes after he returns phone rings again, it is a distressed call from our cleaners in Beaune;

– the dishwasher seems to be plugged which is producing highly unpleasant smell. Can’t figure out how to unplug it…can Franck come? (Dishwashers are also His Department). So Franck has left again.

And Cleméntine should be waking up for her bottle in 5-4-3-2…oh, gotta go.