La Maison de la Vieille Vigne – Antique Tour – finally!

Continuing on our little antiques house tour, we’ll go on to the cottage that we moved back over here to France to renovate in 2004 – La Maison de la Vieille Vigne.

This cottage has some important family history. Back in the days when it had no indoor plumbing and chickens pecking around on the dirt floor, Franck’s grandmother was good friends with the elderly couple who lived there. On the day Franck was born in Dijon, the one telephone in the village was manned by the village operator. She ran around the village trying to find Franck’s Mémé and Pépé to relay the exciting news and finally found them at what is now La Maison de la Vieille Vigne, having a lovely apéritif with the owners and their chickens.

So that’s where they were when they learned they had a grandson named Franck. I’m sure they never imagined that one day the house they were in would be renovated by that very same grandson and would have;

a) a floor
b) no chickens pecking around on it
c) indoor plumbing.

Like so many houses here in France, the house itself is somewhat of an antique. From what we could glean from neighbours it dates back to 1650 or thereabouts.

And before we even get on to the subject of the interior, one of my favorite old things at the cottage are the gorgeous old rose bushes out the front. They are hardy and almost bug less and give off a pure delicate smell that just isn’t duplicated by newer roses.

There’s two bushes of red roses;

And a beautiful yellow one;

And next time we’ll go past the divine scent of the rose bushes and step inside those turquoise shutters…