The Real Côte D’Or

As many of you readers will know, our département here in Burgundy is called “La Côte D’Or” or “the golden slopes”. The tourist brochures will tell you that this name originates from the golden colours of the vineyards in the Fall. Locals, on the other hand, will protest that it more aptly describes the wealth generated by the local wine industry!

However, during the Spring here in Burgundy, which just happens to be one of my favorite times of year here, there are another kind of golden slopes.

Here’s some photos taken during one of my daily constitutionals this week with Clémentine around the Mont Saint Victor.

Can anyone hazard a guess at what crop makes these bright yellow fields?

Clem knows. or at least I says she does as it gives me an excuse to throw in a gratuitous photo of her in her stroller.