Laura’s Writing Tidbits

I’ve created a separate blog on which to post my bits of writing and works-in-progress that are not exactly appropriate for a very public blog such as “The Grape Journal.”

This writing blog is mainly so my writer friends and I can keep up with each other’s latest output, and cheerlead or critique accordingly (both useful). On this blog I take off my French Vacation Rental Manager hat and don my writer’s cone of subjectivity.

This means that stuff on my writing blog springs from my own unique and highly biased perspective. If I had to worry about offending people or being politically correct while writing for myself, I would lose interest in approximately a nanosecond. So, only visit this blog if you are;

a) not the sort of person who is easily offended, as I seem to have a knack for being unbelievably unpolitically correct most of the time, and the older I get, the less I give a toss

b) understanding of the fact that these excerpts are rough bit of works-in-progress, and therefore deserve your kindness

c) willing to chime in occasionally with a useful comment or critique, which I will accept with immense gratitude

d) not likely to blame Vacation Rental Laura (generally magnanimous, people-pleasing person)for Writer Laura (narcissistic delusional egomaniac, similar to most other people crazy enough to spend their spare time writing).

I just posted the Third Installment of “My Interview” there;

Visit / bookmark at your own risk!

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