So Proud Of Self

***BIG NEWS!!!!***

After months of being told by various people in the know that I really needed to add a “feed” to my blog, I have finally added one! By my very own little self! With no help from anyone! And two months ago I didn’t even know what a feed was!

As us women in my family often comment when one of our babies is looking particularly chuffed, I am “Very Proud Of Self.”

So on the right of my blog page you can now click on that little orange icon that says just above it “subscribe in a reader”. This can allow you to – tadum! – either read my latest blog updates in your favorite reader OR subscribe to have my latest blog posts arrive directly in your email box. I checked the link and everything seems to be working A-OK (again, am Very Proud Of Self for this fact). However, if there are any problems at all let me know.

By the way, I also did this for my writing blog, but again that one is still posted on a “Reader Beware” policy. I posted an excerpt from a new blurb (entitled “Le Foulard“) yesterday, but as it has to do with gynecological exams in France I think this one should perhaps only be read by my sisters and my writer friends.

On a less wonderful note, our camera has finally given up the ghost, so my posts may be text rich and photo poor for the next little while.