A New Beginning

You may have noticed my postings have been a little on the sparse side over the past week. This is because once again Murphy’s Law has reared its head and Camille brought home a bubonic plague-like stomach flu from Nature Camp (along with head lice) that she magnanimously shared with her mother.

During the peak of the BARFAGANZA (yes, this is a new word I have coined during this last week) I couldn’t believe that I would ever feel human again. Stomach flu is like colic, depression, or winter that way – when you are in the midst of it you can’t imagine ever finding a way out.

However, we’re eking our way back to normality here, and you will notice from my heavy-handed metaphorical photo of the vineyards right now that hope and rebirth are always with us, even if we can’t see them.

Now off to take some more Gravol.