A Shutter Shame

Before we attack our Spring project of repainting La Maison des Deux Clocher’s shutters (and oui, I’m still gunning for raspberry) turns out there is a more pressing priority close at hand.

Remember in my last post I mentioned the hideous brown stain for shutters that came into fashion in the mid 1980’s here in Burgundy and proved maddeningly tenacious?

I am cringing as I type this, but I just so happen to know all about it as the photo above illustrates what the shutters currently look like at my house, La Maison des Chaumes. I know, quelle horreur. There is a French expression that is very eloquent in this case; “Le cordonnier est toujours le plus mal chaussé” (the shoemaker is always the worst shod).

So there’s a wee reality check for anyone who is under the mistaken impression that my life here in France is some sort of picturesque Peter Mayle utopia. I have to open and shut these hideous shutters every day, and I have hated them for going on four years now. Assez! THEY MUST BE PAINTED!!!

So out has come my favorite thing in the world second only to my husband and three daughters, my palette of Sikkens paint swatches.

I have to pinch myself to convince myself that I’m not actually dreaming, but I can hear Franck sanding off that hideous brown as I type this. I’m thinking of a nice deep Indian blue…maybe I may one day attain a Utopian existence after all.