Happy Mother’s Day From France

Non, I’m not two weeks late. Mother’s Day is actually on a different day here in France, and as I discovered while living in Oxford on an entirely different day in the UK as well. This makes me wonder if Mother’s Day was not in fact created by a man (perhaps Mr. Hallmark?), because, really now, what mother needs to be even more confused than she already is?

This morning I was woken up with a pile of construction paper wrapped presents from my girls. Among other gifts, I received a package of Kleenex (because I blow my nose a lot at night), several centimes coins that amounted to about one euro and twenty centimes that they have instructed me is to be used to take them for a ride on the Visiotrain tourist train in Beaune, a black hair elastic, a pen that yesterday had been sitting on my desk, an eraser, and one of my own business cards.

I also received two pensebêtes” made at school to write down lists of things I might forget otherwise. Very timely, as this comprises of about 99.5% of things these days.

From Clem I got a drooly lick on my cheek.

Joyeuse Fête des Mères to all you fellow mothers out there!