Photos from Triumphant Open-House

Having vanquished constipation and also having talked Franck out of dropping off the Mighty Poo diaper at the pharamacie in revenge, the five of us trundled off to Claire’s Open House.

All of the winemakers Claire invites to her Open House are hand-picked, so this year we brought the ole’ chequebook as we knew this was the perfect spot to replenish our ever-diminishing cave.

Here is Franck chatting it up with ravishing Russian assistant winemaker from Languedoc. However, what you don’t see is me holding the camera in one hand, a glass of excellent Languedoc red in the other, and the patent relief on my face at my suppository-saved baby (see exhibit A in foreground).

Franck could chat up ravishing Russian all he wanted, I was just so glad to be released from baby-constipation-hell.

Here are Charlotte and Camille practising their wine tasting technique. I think Camille in particular has it down pat – even the hand on the hip part.

In the meantime Franck and I had moved on to the Beaujolais stand. Franck didn’t do quite as much flirting here for obvious reasons, but their wine was excellent and we stocked up on several Julienas and Moulin-a-Vent.

And here are my two younger daughters enjoying the festivities. Clem still looks a little bit surprised at the whole suppository business, but at least she’s calm.

While my eldest built the leaning tower of Pisa with blocks in the children’s corner (and we visited Pisa two years ago with Charlotte and Camille, so nice to see this exposure to European-culture thing is paying off).

And by this time my husband had hit the Alsace stand. The wine was AMAZING and we bought quite a few bottles here and our stonemasons are going through about one a day at the moment.

I have to admit to being a bit choked when I see them guzzle it back, but I also know from past renovations here in France that there’s no better way from keeping them from buggering off to other jobs.

Next time, yet more photos from Claire’s Open House…