The Shirtless Masons at Work

Check it out! The masons have now poured our new deck which wraps around 2 sides of our Maison des Chaumes. It has been hot over the past few days, and they have been working without their shirts on which seems to help them work even faster (or maybe it’s the copious amounts of wine Franck is serving them?)

Now our deck is about a meter wider than it was at the front of the house, so you can have a lunch outside without one or two people feeling like they are going to topple over into the grass.

We also built a new wall on the South-facing part of the deck so it is even more private, and still allows you to enjoy the lovely view over the valley between Villers-la-Faye and MagnylesVillers. This is a perfect place to have dinner as it is lovely and sunny right up until the sun goes down.

Whereas the front is shady from noon on so a great place to have lunch and enjoy the fetching view of the…uh…cement maker machine (can you tell that I am an expert on such matters?), yellow electrical tubing, and rusty wheelbarrow. But wait a second…what is that green stuff beyond all that construction stuff?

Oh that’s right – it’s vineyards! One just has to know where to look.