And Here They Are!

Very exciting morning here at chez Germain in Burgundy.

Franck hung the first pair of repainted shutters on the window of the girls’ bedroom. Now this not only means they will no longer be waking up with the sunshine at around 5:00am, but that we can all get a glimpse of what the façade of La Maison des Chaumes will look like in a few weeks’ time.

You’ll still have to use a bit of imagination, as the wood around the actual window is going to be painted white, banishing that horrible dark wood stain to the furthest reaches of my memory (a very scary place these days).

What I’m planning on doing is planting a pot of bright red geraniums – no self-respecting French house should be without their bright red geraniums – on each level of the new wall there. I think this will look smashing with the “Burgundy” blue of the shutters.